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Sun May 27, 2018

About Woodstream

We've built a better mousetrap; 2000 products later, we continue to build!


That is how it all got started - traps.  However, at Woodstream, we have continued to bring innovation to consumer solutions for the last 150 years.  Woodstream now manufactures and markets over 2500 unique products.  We go to market under such recognizable brands as:


  With this portfolio we service the Lawn and Garden, Birding, Pet, Rodent Control, Hobby Farm, and Animal Control needs of consumers.  We focus on a niche market with authenticity and integrity that this educated consumer recognizes.


We combine category leading products with technology and service to solve the business needs of the retailer.   Our ‘go to market' strategies are structured to help you optimize inventory levels, maximize sell through and grow profitability.  If you like to deal directly with the manufacturer, Woodstream's Dealer Portal is the ideal avenue for you to access the entire portfolio of products and brands. 

If you are larger and EDI capable, we can ‘synch up‘ and service your needs.  If you prefer the service of your distributor rep, we have business relationships with most all distributors in the Lawn and Garden, Hardware and Farm Ag industries.  We also service the gift market by attending the major shows each year. 

We look forward to serving you...