Mosquito Magnet® traps are the leading biting insect trap and a long-term solution for effective mosquito control. Protect your family or business from disease-ridden mosquitoes.

  • 1st carbon dioxide-based trap for commercial use
  • 1st propane-powered mosquito trap for consumer use
  • Patented cartridges for gradual attractant release
  • Counterflow Technology emits precise amounts of carbon dioxide, heat, attractant and humidity while trapping and killing mosquitoes and biting insects.

Why Mosquito Magnet®?

Mosquito Magnet® traps provide a long-term solution to the reduction of mosquitoes and other biting insects outside homes and businesses.


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How the Traps Work


Set the trap in your yard.

It should be 30-40ft away from people and in shade.


Trap's patented technology converts propane to CO2.

The CO2 released attracts mosquitoes toward the trap.


Secondary attractant mixed with CO2 attracts mosquitoes.

It increases the mosquito catch rate by up to 10 times.


Patented technology.

Mosquitoes get sucked into the plume and into the net.


Mosquitoes dehydrate and die in the net.

Once in the net, the mosquitoes will dehydrate and die within 24 hours.


Enjoy a mosquito-free backyard!

Enjoy outdoors like never before.

When is Mosquito Season?

Mosquito Season

Which Mosquito Attractant is Right for You?

Mosquito Attractant Map
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