Constant innovation paves the way to provide effective solutions to everyday problems and at Woodstream, innovation pushes us to create those solutions.

It's the Heart of What We Do


Research & Development

At Woodstream, with our multi-discipline engineering department, including Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, we continue to provide highly efficacious products year after year. Effectiveness is at the top of our list, and extensive in house rodent and insect testing ensures product validation. We play by the rules, adhering to all FIFRA, FTC, and individual state guidelines. Often, we take our existing products and make them better. Following a strict development process, new products of only the highest quality are launched. Our approach to pest control allows the consumer to deal with and control problems rather than hiring professionals.


Testing That Raises the Bar

When it comes to quality control, Woodstream raises the bar to ensure quality is always first. From Inspection Reports to Corrective Action Reports, the tools are in place to keep that level of quality in check. Customer complaints and quality concerns are taken seriously with monthly and quarterly reports that involve all departments to arrive at acceptable resolutions to all issues. We partner with sources to improve quality for both Woodstream as well as vendors, suppliers and customers. Constant communication and attention to the details provide an effective process.


World-Class Manufacturing

Woodstream Corporation has taken monumental steps to achieve positioning as a World Class Manufacturing Company. Several concepts characterize this success, but our focus is on making “everything we do, better every day”! We invest heavily to improve safety, quality and productivity in our manufacturing plants. Implementation of a safety program that focuses on work practices allows for quick correction of unsafe acts thus encouraging safety both on and off the job, while creating a stronger work environment for success. Solid quality control systems provide raw materials that have met the highest standards, allowing continued delivery of superior quality products to our customers.