Our leadership at Woodstream provides expertise, guidance and direction to develop a strong company with engaged employees all working together towards a common goal.

Joao Rodrigues Joao Rodrigues Joao Rodrigues Chief Executive Officer
Manuel Maza Manuel Maza Manuel Maza Chief Financial Officer
Craig Wirth Craig Wirth Craig Wirth President - Pest & Animal Control Business Unit
Melissa Oldfield Melissa Oldfield Melissa Oldfield Chief Information Officer
Probyn Forbes Probyn Forbes Probyn Forbes Executive Vice President, Operations
Daniel Brown Daniel Brown Executive Vice President of Global Sales
Kevin Hileman Kevin Hileman Kevin Hileman Senior Vice President, Business Integration
Paul McQuillan Paul McQuillan Paul McQuillan Senior Vice President of Research, Development and Engineering
Carla Phillips Carla Phillips Carla Phillips Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Karolyn Warfel Karolyn Warfel Karolyn Warfel Vice President of International Sales
Chad Mateer Chad Mateer Chad Mateer Vice President, Home Insect Control
Ashley Brown Ashley Brown Ashley Brown Vice President, Rodent Control
Ryan Advena Ryan Advena Ryan Advena Vice President, Finance
Greg Shenk Greg Shenk Greg Shenk Vice President of Supply Chain Planning & Distribution
Cornelius Wesley Cornelius Wesley Cornelius Wesley Vice President of Operations Finance
Vinoth Chandran Vinoth Chandran Vinoth Chandran Vice President of Engineering Project Management
Tricia Boldt Tricia Boldt Tricia Boldt Vice President, Commercial Finance
Tamar Livneh Tamar Livneh Tamar Livneh Vice President, Insect Devices
Carol Cresong Carol Cresong Carol Cresong Vice President of Trade Marketing
Pam Bauer Pam Bauer Pam Bauer Executive Assistant to the CEO & Executive Administrator of the Woodstream Foundation