Our leadership at Woodstream provides expertise, guidance and direction to develop a strong company with engaged employees all working together towards a common goal.

Miguel Nistal Miguel Nistal Miguel Nistal President & CEO
Andrew Church Andrew Church Andrew Church Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Secretary
Craig Wirth Craig Wirth Craig Wirth President - Pest & Animal Control Business Unit
Shawn Renniker Shawn Renniker Shawn Reniker Executive Vice President, Operations
Andrew Woolworth Andrew Woolworth Andrew Woolworth Senior Vice President, Sales
Steven Lorraine Steven Lorraine Steven Lorraine Senior Vice President, Wild Bird
Kevin Hileman Kevin Hileman Kevin Hileman Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Planning & Distribution
Andrea Long Andrea Long Andrea Long Vice President, Electronic Animal Containment
Scott Smith Scott Smith Scott Smith Vice President, Sales
Paul McQuillan Paul McQuillan Paul McQuillan Vice President, Engineering
Brad Murphy Brad Murphy Brad Murphy Vice President, Digital Sales and Service
Carla Phillips Carla Phillips Carla Phillips Vice President, Human Resources
Boris Bajlovic Boris Bajlovic Boris Bajlovic Vice President, Rodent Control
Chad Mateer Chad Mateer Chad Mateer Vice President, Home Insect Control
Paul Leed Paul Leed Paul Leed Senior Director, Information Systems
Simon Ragdale Simon Ragdale Simon Ragdale Managing Director Europe